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Felice conclusione dell'esperienza di alternanza a Bath

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Il gruppo di studenti della 3N e 3O, appena tornati dall'esperienza ASL a Bath, soddisfatti scrivono: 

The Group of Bath 3N. 3O   18th- 25th november 2018 

They were 42 or more 
Decided absolutely to Explore 
The lands around the city of Bristol, 
Brave and proud in their headphones 

Unfortunately they found a lack of food 
Cats, dogs and cold in every room 
So that they were necessarily obliged 
To walk around to be a bit satisfied 

Lessons, presentation and interview 
Time passed but not only at the school 
Morning books , afternoon Art 
oh Yes, but party every night!!! 

Salisbury and Stonehenge in rainy day 
Never mind , we still are gay 
London busy, cold, supreme 
our trip now remains in our Dreams